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What to Expect

Our center follows national best practices by Stryker to ensure the highest quality outcomes possible for all patients. The procedures we follow have been proven to reduce risk and shorten recovery time. One person, a care coordinator, will be the patient's resource before, during and after discharge. This person is available to answer any questions and help navigate the continuum of care.

At the Floyd Center for Advanced Spine Surgery, our specially trained therapist work closely with the nurses and surgeons to get you moving as soon as possible. Physical therapy and nursing care take place on a unit dedicated exclusively to spine patients. The private patient rooms include special accommodations for the patient's family coach as they are a valued member of the care team.

Each person chooses a coach, who will learn the program right along with the patient who picked them. The coach will be an active participant in the patient's care before, during and after discharge from the hospital. The coach is usually a family member or friend and is encouraged to stay in our spacious private patient room that includes guest accommodations.

Before Surgery

Once surgery is scheduled, patients will meet with the Floyd Preoperative Evaluation Center (PEC) to ensure surgery readiness. Dedicated to safety, quality and the best possible outcome, our PEC works with surgeons to create a comprehensive surgery (perioperative) plan, encompassing care before, during and after surgery.

A representative from the PEC will call you to complete a brief health screen and schedule a pre-operative visit for you and your coach. This visit most often occurs three – four weeks before surgery and includes the following:

  • Hospital preregistration
  • Complete preoperative evaluation with a physical exam
  • Diagnostic testing, when needed
  • Coordination with specialists including referrals
  • Medication management
  • Financial counseling, when needed
  • Spine class registration


We believe success begins with education. You can recover quicker the more you understand about spine surgery.

Spine Class

Our comprehensive education begins before surgery. Each patient and their chosen coach attend a spine class. Held every Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Floyd Medical Center, this one-hour education sessions provides key information about what to expect on surgery day, in the hospital after surgery and during the recovery period at home.

This class allows for each attendee to get answers to questions before surgery and gives them peace of mind that our team is available throughout the entire experience.


Our guidebook explains details about surgery and provides a list of activities and strengthening exercises to begin six weeks before surgery. The guidebook also serves as a clinical diary patients bring to pre-operative classes, all appointments and the hospital.

Discharge Class

After surgery, each patient and their coach will have a 30 minute discharge class before leaving the hospital. This one-on-one conversation will help explain recovery next steps and care at home.

Contact Us

If you're looking for quality care close to home, choose the Floyd Center for Advanced Spine Care. Contact the Spine Coordinator for more information at 706.509.6487.